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There have been lot of questions about the processing time for SPP visa .  There are following scenarios that a visa application have


  • Acceptance
  • Refusal
  • Medical Examination
  • Interview Call

Acceptance & Refusal : Officially it is said that an SPP student visa application takes 5 to 15 working days to process but the reality is bit different. I have seen the visas being processed in as short as 5 days and it has taken as long as 45 days to process. It is always wise to apply for visa well with in time. Late visa submissions results into further delays and hassles. This first response from the embassy can be an visa granted, visa refusal, medical examination, interview call.


Medical Examination : Once you get first response from CHC and you got a medical examination (the guys who have gone through the medical examination in advance wont get such a call)  you will get the call from CHC for submitting your passport again within 10 working days. Once you submit your passport it will take another 3-5 working days to get the result.


Interview Call : Once you get the interview call you have to work out on a date and time for interview and appear for the interview. On the interview day itself CHC will keep your passport and you will get it back in 3-5 working days with the result.


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50 Responses so far.

  1. Alihusen Kapadia says:

    hi i have recieved my first response on 23 Dec. 2010 and according to what is written in ithe letter itseems that they need a proof and information for what i was doing during the gap of one year between my hsc and graduation. So i have submitted the certificate of a diploma in 3d animation and visual effects which i did during that period and i have also submitted experience letter from my family business that i was working with after my graduation for almost 2 years . Keeping this in mind can i expect my visa confirmed ? and according to u how many more days will it take to no my result

    • admin says:


      Thats good that you have got your diploma certificate in hand. Well if CHC have asked for this thing and you have provided it then i think they should stamp the visa now.


  2. Alihusen Kapadia says:

    please reply as soon as possible

  3. Alihusen Kapadia says:

    Thanks admin lets hope for the best

  4. Bagga says:

    is langara college under spp for Indian students or not??
    one more thing i hv completed ma master in computer science . can i go for international business mgt? N i hv 6.5 in IELTS.
    wouldnt be any problem to get visa in mentioned course ??
    is spp extented for 2011 ??

    plzzz reply me sir……

  5. bagga says:

    Thanxxx sir….but i got refusal on course mismatched in sept intake(business process mgt).sss dats y sir i m aurging…..abt my course for may intake as i hv done ma master in computer science.

  6. Yash says:

    Hello People,,,,

    This is Yash, studied in Humber College Toronto and came for SPP program, Now I am Working in my own Field after 2 year course with 3 year Work permit, on job i.e. Computer Networks, I just read this Website and articles and really Impressed for this Huge efforts for helping students coming to Canada, and I really appreciate Mr. Admin’s help.
    Well just wanted to let you know buddies, if you need any info or help from my side, let me know and i will response you back asap,

    Contact me @

    unfortunately i cant give my cell phone number due to busy schedule at work, sorry about that, but try my best to response you back asap,

    Cheers and Good Luck every 1 :)

  7. sukhvinder singh says:

    hello sir, i got my first response of my medical examination on 8th dec. and i give my media on 13 dec. but still i didn’t get call…..

    • admin says:


      You might get call this week. And chances of your visa are bright as you have already got medical call.

      Best of luck,

  8. sukhvinder singh says:

    ohh sorry thats medical

  9. sukhvinder singh says:

    @ admin
    thanks sir
    but i am too much worried because only i week is left,
    i think i have to take extension from college , can i take extension from college and if yes how many days we get in extension….plz reply….

    • admin says:


      You can have an extension of one week but you will need to talk to your college about this.


  10. vivek4u4me says:

    when u applied sukhvinder

  11. vivek4u4me says:

    when u applied?

  12. sukhvinder singh says:

    @ vivek
    i had applied on 24 nov.

  13. Dan says:

    Hello sir
    Can you please tell me has spp extended for Indian students for year of 2011….

  14. aparna says:

    sir i have applied for visa on 1st december. i submitted my file to embassy along with my medical but still i haven’t got any response from the embassy. sir i am quite worried now. please suggest me something….

  15. dan says:

    hello sir,
    can you please tell me that has spp extended for indian student for year of 2011??

  16. indra says:

    how many days for spp visa processing time.

  17. Hunny00416 says:

    Hey guys i got the visa today yahooo! I m comin canada.

  18. vivek4u4me says:

    it takes 4 to 45 days

  19. Yash says:

    Welcome Back Folks:::
    This is the link for most of your Answers and Occupations related to your courses, which are required for Canadian Experienced Class (for Permanent Resident) file,
    Check this out!!!

    YASH :)

  20. guri says:

    i am applying for a one year dimploma course in canada and i am a graduate. how much study loan do i have to show and is it necessary to show my bank statement, if yes then how much bank balance will i hav to show.?

    • admin says:


      Get an education loan for about 8 lacs and show liquid funds in a saving account worth 3-4 lacs and you are good to go


  21. jagdeep says:

    hi admin i have done and 6 bands no less than 5.5. i have taken admission in nait college business administration diploma. it is not a pg diploma. so can i get visa? what are chances?

    • admin says:


      if the colleges that you have chosen in the list of participating colleges in SPP program and what sort of diploma is this ? please elaborate then only i will be able to answer to your question


  22. jagdeep says:

    hi admin i have get admission in nait college business administration diploma. not pg. i m and 6 bands what are my visa chances?

  23. jagdeep says:

    my costlant is saying that it is a professional diploma. can say that a type of post secondary but not exactly

  24. swapnil says:

    m planning for fire protection engg technology course most probably from seneca in fall ’11..
    how are the chances for getting job in my field there in canada?

    • admin says:


      Since fire department in Canada is controlled by government so it will be difficult to get a job in Canada Fire Department without a PR is bit difficult. But you might get job in other related fields.


  25. sundeep says:

    dear admin,
    i had applied for canada spp program for jan 2011 and the embassy called me for interview and after the interview they rejected my visa as they told me that your proposed study are not reasonable in ligght of one or more of:your qualification ,previous studies,employment,level of establishment,other educational oppurtunities available in india or canada,language abilities future prospects and plans ,
    please let me know if i can re apply or not??and what will be the result of my re application etc

    • admin says:


      You can apply under SPP for the next session May 2011 or Sept 2011


  26. Daniel says:

    Hi Admin,

    I filed for SPP visa today at VFS Delhi. Is the interview mandatory in all cases or few. Even if an interview is supposed to happen, when can I expect it from the date of submission.


    • admin says:


      Interview is not mandatory only 5% candidates get an interview call. You might get first response within 2 weeks of applying


  27. nithin says:

    Hi guys i got the visa i m coming in 2 weeks.. i have applied on 21 march and i got it by 26 march it took less than a week.

  28. Aditya kamboj says:

    ello sir, i am an aspiring student to study in canada. I ve applied for the visa and its been 17 days now. I had my eyes on this forum past 1 month and you are doing a great job. My visa file include my offer letter (Global business management- humber college), Iets score (7.5 band), graduation marksheets and degree( Business management- IP univ. 59.3% 2007-2010), loan sanction letter( 10 lakh), financial summary (parental income- 509000 and loan evaluation), 1st semester fees paid from my personal expenses( money from matured bonds- 270000), medical papers. I ve followed the Spp checklist religiously.
    My consultants are Canam. I had surveyed that they are good for canada. one more thing my maternal grandfather is serving as the guarantor for the loan.
    Please tell me that do i ve any error or flaw in my file. Please help.

  29. Aditya kamboj says:

    and i forgot 2 tell you that i ve applied for may intake.

  30. adityakamboj says:

    sir, you are doing a great job. I ve been keeping a track on this forum past 1 month. Even i aspire to go to canada for post graduation. I ve applied for visa and its been 20 days now but i haven’t received any response from CHC. I had chosen canam consultants to help me out with my process. My file includes offer letter({global business management} GBM – Humber college), Ielts score( 7.5 band), my graduation marksheets and degree( BBA- IP univ. 59.3%), Loan ( 10 lakh), financial summary( parental income – 509000 pa and loan evaluation), 1 semester fees payment slip( 270000), medical papers. I ve applied for the may intake. Its been 20 days now and vfs site is showing that my file is under process. Can you tell me that does my fille has any error. Please reply

  31. sunny singh says:

    Hello Admin !!
    I have already deposited my application on this Monday(28-03-11) for global business management in Humber lakeshore.
    Ielts-7 bands
    Completed mba without gap
    11 lacs liquid funds
    10 lacs education loan
    annual income 7 lacs
    property value is more than 7 crore.

    Could you pls tell me the chances of getting visa?

  32. sunny singh says:

    @ admin
    one more thing i want to know that how much time it will take to get my visa result?

    • admin says:


      When applied under SPP guys are getting results within 6 days to 4 weeks


  33. Jagdeep says:

    Admin i wanna nw that where my file will be pocessed chandigarh or delhi?

    I have submit file on 1st april jalandhar office

    file status-sent to chandigarh on 1st april

  34. sahil says:

    Hello Sir,
    Thanks on behalf of all students who received help from you.
    Sir, I applies on 8th of march 2011 under SPP and submitted all documents including IELTS 7 bands as well as loan letter stating 8 lakhs loan sanctioned.
    Sir, my dad had applied in 2007 for PR but got reject and I was dependent applicant that time. 4th week would be soon completing but there is no response.
    Can you please guide me? Seriously needing help…