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Congratulations to all the candidates who have got their visas stamped and best of luck to the guys who are still filling their applications. Following is the list of documents that are required at the airport in order to enter Canada


Documents Required to Enter Canada

Have the following documents ready to show the Canada Border Services Agency officer:

  • Valid passport
  • Letter of introduction confirming acceptance of your application for a study permit for Canada
  • Temporary Resident Visa (if required)
  • Letter of acceptance from the school at which you are permitted to study
  • Any specific document as told by CHC while granting the visa

Apart form this the following points should also be kept in mind

  • Always carry xerox copies of all the important documents like Passport, College Offer Letter, Educational Qualification etc etc
  • Student should carry at-least 12 recent passport size photos and 12 stamp size photos


  • If  a student have a photo on passport with turban (and he has got hair cut ) so its advisable to travel with turban just to avoid unnecessary inquiry.
  • Always carry all your import document in handbag and never keep your handbag unattended
  • Its advisable to keep the scanned copy of all your important documents in your email account.

Hope these tips will help the students.


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3 Responses so far.

  1. Love says:

    Hey buddy

    Congratulations for making it through. NOw you gonaa need to carry all the above mentioned things when you enter canada. Wish you all the very best man.

    Kindly share your application info with us or rather share what you think you can or could be shared so that it could make a difference to all the prospective applicants.

    Good luck n Thanks

    • admin says:

      Hi Love,

      Thanks a lot for your wishes may God bring same day for you also. Yes will surely be providing all the info on my blog maybe over this weekend.


  2. Ku says:

    Hi Admin, it would be great if you could brief about what questions the Officer asks when you land in Canada, and about the whole process if you can.