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As most of the international students studying in Canada eventually want to get their Permanent Residence(PR) in Canada. So i think this article will help you guys to pre plan the things and eventually convert your study permit to PR. I would say the path to get a PR for a student is pretty lengthy but the pace is all set once a student plans for a study visa. As of today,26 Feb 2011,  a fulltime international student in Canada studying a course more that 8 months of duration, will be eligible for getting an Open Work Permit


Following are the classifications of Open Work Permit

  • A student studying 8 months program will get 1 year open work permit subject to the condition that the student pass his program
  • A student enrolled into program of duration of 2 years or more will be eligible of getting an open work permit for 3 years subject to the condition that student pass his course

The chances of getting PR after 1 year of Open work permit are really bleak so its advisable to get admission in to a 2 years course as student will get a 3 years open work permit and during this time the student can get enough Canadian


work experience to be eligible for Canadian PR. Also please note that during the open work permit a student can work in any profession but student should select a profession to work in which is makes him eligible to get PR


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33 Responses so far.

  1. ali says:

    can u get me a list of few questions dat may b asked at the tym of immigration chk in @ canada and answers to it as well

    • admin says:


      I am writing up an article on this in couple of days and i think that will help you


  2. Alfred says:

    How about taking a 1 year PG course and applying for PR through PNP program?

  3. sam says:

    what is PNP sir?

  4. piy says:

    i applid for student visa under spp
    i applied in nursing diploma cource.
    and i complited pharmacy.
    can u tell me it will effect in visa proses by chosing nursing course.

    • admin says:


      Well they can ask like why you are opting for nursing when you have studied pharmacy earlier.


  5. Alfred says:

    Hi there I am applying for visa for May 2011 intake for a 1 year graduate certificate program.I was unable to take up a 2 year program since there is only 1 course from Humber is not suitable for me.. My plan is to complete this 1 year program and apply for PR under PNP Ontario.Kindly tell me the pros and cons of my decision.Thanks

    • admin says:


      You can change your course once you reach here in canada. Also PNP program for Ontario is a tough nut to crack.


  6. Alam says:

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to study in Canada in toronto,
    I want to do diploma in IT (networking).
    Can anyone suggest any good and low fee college.
    How much will be the approximate fee for this type of courses.

    • admin says:


      All the courses have same minimum fees for a semester in Toronto. For each semester the minimum fees is about 6,000 CAD



  8. sam says:

    Hello Sir,
    I Got visa For 1 year PG Course,If I Opt Another PG course After One Year Then Will i Get 3 year Year Work Permit After Completion of Second PG Diploma Course..?????

  9. sam says:

    @admin-i think you are easting our time by not replying on this,if u really want to help us then pls reply as early you can….!!

  10. sam says:

    @admin-i think you are wasting our time by not replying on this,if u really want to help us then pls reply as early you can….!!

  11. Jagdeep says:

    bro admin is only person who is providing every info abt spp free of cost to us. So u should not talk like that, even we all should be thankful to him.

  12. PR says:

    yuops nice afoorts by admin :)

  13. gagandeep says:

    I fully agree with jagdeep.,.,.,.,.

    admin is giving valuable info abt spp.

  14. avtar says:

    I got 7 bands overall in ielts.
    I have done my in Electronics & communication Engineering. For Canada, I can’t find any PG course in networking of duration of 2 years as all PG courses are of one year. Can I apply for a Post-secondary Diploma or Certificate Program or a Bachelor’s Degree Program.

    • admin says:


      There are lot of 1 year PG program in canada. But if you want to get PR after your studies always go in for 2 year program


  15. Jay says:

    Hey man i m agree wid sam,if admin willl not reply
    Us on tym theb the help will be valueless,helo
    Will be valuable only if provided on time ..hope u both undrstnd

  16. Jay says:

    Yes fuck admin we vl nit come …u hv nt still answered what sam was asking

  17. Ku says:

    You should be aware that the admin isn’t obliged to answer your questions instantly. We’re only here to offer mutual help/discuss about a common topic (Canadian Immigration). And I must say, if you do some research on your own, 90% of your queries can be answered.

  18. Jazz says:

    Dear sir,

    I have applied for 1 year program in Seneca College, I didnt get 2 year programme.I have done B.Engg in Computers. I want to know how can i get PR , what steps shud i take now?

    • admin says:


      PR in ontrario is really difficult with a one year program what you can do is once you reach canada you can change your program and opt for a 2 year program


  19. harpreet singh says:

    can u please tell me, if I take admission in a 1yr PG course in canada and before its completion and take admission in another 1yrPG course, then would I get a 3yrs work permit or not?

    please reply as soon as possible

    • admin says:


      No you have to take a 2 years course for a 3 year work permit. Two 1 year courses wont work to get a 3 year work permit