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Getting an open work permit for a student’s spouse is bit difficult but not impossible. An open work permit for a student’s spouse is valid until the study or work permit of the student. There are three ways to get an open work permit for spouse


  1. Apply for open work permit for spouse when you are applying for your student visa
  2. Apply for open work permit for spouse after you reach canada
  3. Apply for visitor visa for your spouse and apply for open work permit once your spouse is there in Canada

There are pros and cons of each method


When using first method there are lot of chances that open work permit as well as your student visa application got rejected. The reason is that the CHC ask the candidate to prove his/her home ties and if both husband and wife are applying than there is no way student can prove that he/she will come back to home country once his education is over.

In my opinion the second method is the best one. In this first you apply for student visa and since your spouse will be back home so this think can convince the CHC that you will return back to your home country after your studies. Also once you are in canada on student visa you can apply for an open work permit for your spouse. This process can take upto 3 months and CHC can ask fro medical examination of your spouse.

When using third method what you will have to do is you can get your student visa and soon after you can apply for a visitor visa for your spouse. Once your spouse reaches Canada he/she can apply for the open work permit. The chances of getting the visitor visa are really bright but chances of  getting an open work permit while in canada are not that bright. On top of that the whole process can take upto 3 months.


I am coming along with all the articles related to the process of getting open work permit in next couple of weeks. Please ask any questions if you have i will be happy to help you out.


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6 Responses so far.

  1. waseem says:

    hello admin i got a question ….. if i marry a canadian girl … with my student visa .. will i get pr …… and if i get pr will the fees automatically drop ….. and how long it takes for me to get pr if i marry a canadian girl … thanks

  2. arun says:

    can anyone tel the list of SPP colleges.

  3. Meher says:


    Regarding the second method, does the spouse has to be in canada (landed on a visit visa) before the student can apply for their spouse’s work permit.

    • admin says:


      For second method the spouse doesnt need to be in Canada. Spouse can apply from India itself.


  4. Alfred says:

    Hi admin,

    I have got admission for a 2 year PG program.

    I am currently engaged to my fiance & planning to get married once I get my student visa approved. Then after I reach canada I would want to apply a work permit for my fiance and bring her to canada. Would you suggest me to get married before applying for the visa or should I get married after my visa approval. Kindly give your advice.