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Against the general assumption that mature students (student who have got long gap years) can not apply for SPP visa program, lot of mature students are getting their study visas.


Mature students are those who are having 6-7 years of gap between their last education and current date. Most of the colleges give offer-letters to the international students who are less than 35 years of age.


First of all secure admission in any one of the SPP college. Generally colleges issue offer-letter to an international student who is less than 35 years of age. To attain an offer letter the mature students should send their professional resume to the college along with the copies of educational certificates. Once a student gets the offer letter he will have to arrange an education loan form the recognized banks. While submitting the application the student will have to write the details of his work experience in SoP (Statement of Purpose) and provide the experience letters from various organizations with whom the student has worked. Along with that a bank statement of the candidate can also to attached with the application

Reasons why visa is refused to some mature students


  • The course selected by the student do not match with his educational qualification or work experience.
  • The work experience certificates presented to CHC are fake (CHC can enquire the authenticity of the work experience letters)
  • If mature student is married and spouse is also applying for dependent visa in that case its really difficult for the candidate to prove the home ties and hence can result into visa denial as CHC is not convinced that the student will return to home country after the studies.


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100 Responses so far.

  1. balkar says:

    i have done my higher secondary in 2007. Now i want canadian student visa .plz suggest me what to do for student visa?

  2. balkar says:

    give me rply on my mail

  3. admin says:


    Replies to personal email ids is not encouraged on this site. So i am trying to answer your question best at the blog itself. Yes you can apply for SPP with 3 years of gap as long as you have proof about the things that you have done in these 3 years. Also u need to appear for IELTS also


  4. BALDEEP SINGH says:

    dear sir/ madam, i am having study gap of 6-7 years, i have done senior secondary in 2002 afterward i joined certificate course in tool and die making in CTR LDH. further i joined my family business till now iam engaged in business, now iam planning to re-start my study as soon as possible.. please suggest me wat to do? looking for better response

    Baldeep Singh


    • admin says:


      Well lot of depends on the type of course you will be choosing. First of all you shd contact the colleges and explain your case and try to get an offer letter.


  5. Sukhpal Singh says:

    hi sir/madam,i have done matric in 2005 and higher secondary in 2009. After i got 7.5 bands in ielts;listning 8.5 reading 7.5, writing 6, speaking 6.5. Now i want canadian student visa.Plz tell me, can i get visa?

  6. saeed says:

    hi there ! I have applied for a student visa in sep 2010 ( under general application – earlier I wasnt able to arrange a loan letter )but unfortunately got rejection i wish to re apply as i now have a loan facility of 8-10 laks plus 13 lakh savings in my fathers bank account. and ielts 6.0 and offer letter from humber with full tuition fee paid in advance for 1 year my total tuition fee for 2 years is 24000 cad of which 11730 cad is already paid( business management 2 yrs diploma ) ….. ready ..

    my rejection was on grounds that

    me or my family member is not well settled in my country of residence.

    me or my family member does not have suffieient income .

    my course of study does not match my future goals .

    my question is can i now apply under SPP program in oct first week for 2011 intake ,if yes then will i have any trouble with my financial scene above, will the above rejection points be clarified , and as i have passed my 12th in 2000 , and have worked for 6+ yrs in dubai as a sales and marketing executive, will my gap in studies become a reason for refusal , is my course ok to my previous job/work experience …please reply asap…

    thanks and regards

    • admin says:


      Its sad that your visa got refused. Yes you can reapply for Visa for Jan 2011 session but you have to take care of the points that are listed by the CHC on refusal. If you provide all the details of the points raised in the refusal letter you can surely get the visa.


  7. BALDEEP SINGH says:

    thx for the reply, further i want to know that how can I get knowledge about some of the colleges which can provide me offer letter any reference from your side can you suggest any one… shall be thank ful

    • admin says:


      You can check the websites of various colleges and contact the program coordinators over the email to discuss your chances.

      Happy to help,

  8. karandeep says:

    hi admin i have gap of two years from my last studies as i have done culinary arts(food preparation) diploma and i worked in a hotel as store manager as they are not matching each other at all.but now i want to go course of hotel and resort management in Canada. i have done my Ielts just this month with overall bands of 6.5 not less than 6 in any module.please sir suggest me good response about my it like the exprience should be according to what i am going to do or which i have done before sir? thanx in advance

  9. karandeep says:

    hi admin i have gap of two years from my last studies as i have done culinary arts(food preparation) diploma and i worked in a hotel as store manager as they are not matching each other at all.but now i want to go course of hotel and resort management in Canada. i have done my Ielts just this month with overall bands of 6.5 not less than 6 in any module.please sir suggest me good response about my it like the exprience should be according to what i am going to do or which i have done before sir? thanx in advance

  10. Rajesh says:

    Hi Admin – I have done my BE in 2004 and from then working continously for past 6+ yrs and planning to go for PG Dip Course this Jan 2011 intake. will that affect my study permit ????

    • admin says:


      Not at all even i was also having an experience of 7 years when i applied for SPP visa.


  11. Rajesh says:

    Thanks for your reply. I have couple of other concerns 1. I am married so i can so the ties to my country since i am planning to leave them here NOW..
    2. I am planning to take Education Loan against FD( source of income will be my own house which i am planning to sell now) i will be having around 5-6 lakhs in my account excluding fee and for my family survival.
    Is there any possibility for deniel that i dont have enough funds?
    I am not very sure..

    • admin says:


      Yes the home ties can be demonstrated by showing that you are leaving your family in India. The funds are enough to be shown for visa purpose.


  12. Nancy says:

    Hi Admin,

    I need your help as I am an international student and in Canada now. so, I am planning to change my college because it is to far from my place. I am not able to get the admission in this september intake so I am now deciding to get admitted in January intake in the college which would be near by my place.

    This way I would be having a 4 months gap in my studies and I just have 1 year of student visa, which I would have to extend. Hence, I Would like to know if I would be able to extend the visa or not?

    Many thanks in advance for your reply!

  13. Nataraj says:

    hi admin, i have done my BE(Mech) in 2000 and don’t have any professional experience in that field since i was into farming with my dad.
    Will this be an hindrance in getting an offer letter and visa.

    thanks in advance

  14. preet says:


  15. Ravinder says: name is Ravinder and i have done 10th in year 2005 and now i have got 6.5 bands in ielts now i want to study in canada ..can i study there??

  16. Ravinder says:

    plzzz tell me can i apply for student visa for canada ??.m really very worried about my future..

  17. harsh says:

    hi, i am divorced and have gap in studies for 5 years.. Can i apply for spp visa ?

  18. harry says:

    Hi guys! I have done 10th in 1995 and 10+2 in 2010.
    between 1996-2004 I was in computer business. in 2004 I went to Canada. there I lived for 4.5 years and came back. is it possible for me to get student visa with such a long gap of 15 years between 10th and 12th grade?


    • admin says:


      It seems there is a lot of gap between the educations so i am not sure if you will be able to get an offer letter from the college.


  19. Vikas sharma says:


    HI i have a gap of 4 years between +2 and graduation. so plz tell me ,IS it possible that my visa would be rejected? just because of this.PLz tell me what can be done to remove this prob.
    KIndly reply as soon as possible.

  20. atindra says:

    hi i am atindra m dobikar. i had done 12th from I.S.C….IN 2005. THEN AFTER I WAS PREPARING FOR ipmt.but idint clear that exam… i am having 5 yrs gap after 12th. do i m eligible for canada student visa. i had done 12th science with 65%.and my age is 23 yr old

  21. atindra says:

    hi i am atindra m dobikar. i had done 12th from I.S.C….IN 2005. THEN AFTER I WAS PREPARING FOR Aipmt.but idint clear that exam… i am having 5 yrs gap after 12th. do i m eligible for canada student visa. i had done 12th science with 65%.and my age is 23 yr old. i had score 7 band in IELTS

    • admin says:


      Yes you are eligible but you will have to tell the CHC what you did in your gap years. You will have to submit the work experience details.


  22. aakash says:

    i am a graduate in ba pass(regular) from delhi university with 45% all over.
    my eilts score is 6.5 with 5.5 in writing in rest above 6.
    i have financial resouces to pay for my fees and living in canada .
    i have obtain the offer letter from douglas college in hotel management which is a lower level course(ie undergraduate level).
    i was told that if i apply then my visa might be rejected as the level is not same .is that so ?
    the main reason for appying in douglas college is that my brother is also studing and living there with pr and i am not interested in any other course which i am getting and no other college in near by area or in british columbai under spp is giving post graduate level course.
    should i apply or not ?
    is there any chances of my visa rejection ?

    • admin says:


      Well you will have to justify with solid reasons that why you are going for under grad diploma when you already have graduation degree. Also please check if the college that you have picked is participating under SPP


  23. Dipin Singh says:


    i’ll be given my ielts exam tommorow quite confident of getting atleast 7 bands. i have a query for you i completed my high school in 2006 with accountany , business studies , economics , english core and physical education. After that i did a hairstyling diploma for 6 months in LO’real academy , mumbai since it’s my family business then i worked as a hairstylish for about 3 years consecutively now currently i’m workin as a salon manager and ofcourse manage my business along with the family.

    I want to apply for a business management diploma in any good toronto college for international expousure which would really help me in india since i really want to expand my business and definitely need a professional qualification for it. Lot of these agents have demoralised me since my case it’s quite complex.

    Want your opinion on this and will i be getting admission in the desired course and plus whats the visa probability.

    Please reply soon

    Thanks in advance

    • admin says:


      You will have to pick a course intelligently. Since you have an experience in Hair Styling so you shd choose a similar course else there are chances that your visa might be refused saying that you course is not matching with your work experience. For gettig the admissions you have to check that with various colleges.


  24. Dipin Singh says:

    ooops! sorry about the spelling errors

  25. Dipin Singh says:


    i completed my high school with accountancy, business studies , economics , english core and physical education with 58% in cbse board.
    After that i went to mumbai for a 6 months diploma in hairstyling since we have a beauty salon. i worked as a hairstylist or 3 continuos years i.e from mid 2006 to mid 2009 now i’m currently working as a salon manager for the past year and want to apply for george brown college in toronto, since it’s falls under SPP college category, for business management advanced 3 year diploma. my ielts result is awating and will get it around 24th october

    my query is am i eligible for applying a student visa and plus will i get the desired studies

    Please reply asap


    • admin says:


      Yes you can get the visa as long as you can relate your previous study and work experience with course you want to take up in Canada.


  26. Dipin Singh says:

    High school completed in the year 2006

  27. VEXED says:

    Hello ADMIN.
    Mine is a little different case.i had applied [fall 2010] to the US for MS IN ELECTRONICS ENGG and got refused.they were unfair as i had the most genuinest of the cases.leaving that aside i applied for the same course in 3 canadian UNIZ as well[jan 2011]. carleton university [awaiting admit]
    concordia university [ admitted ]
    university of Windsor [awaiting admit]
    my cause of concern isi am not sure the CHC would grant me the visa because i have heared that visa chances are much brighter when applied under the SPP.[correct me if i am wrong] as far as my academic profile is concerned .kindly look
    GRE – 890
    TOEFL – 90/120
    ielts – overall 7 bands
    NO Financial constraints
    kindly have a look at my case and please suggest
    about my chances of visa approval [ i would most likely be applying for the study permit after geting the admit from the CARLETON UNIVERSITY]
    hoping to hear the best from you

    • admin says:


      SPP provides faster processing to the student visa. But i think you have to check that if the univs that you have listed above are participating in SPP or not. So i would recommend you to go for SPP if you want to process the visa faster else the normal way takes 2 months and success rate is not that good.


  28. VEXED says:

    you yourself is not that learnt MR. ADMIN

    stop acting MR. KNOW ALL !


  29. Addy says:

    Hi hardeep,
    I am glad to see that u had 7yr work ex when u applied for SPP bcos i am in same situation and hope you understand how it feels!!!
    Bro can you pl tell me did u write a sop? also i am looking for humber college global business management and my consultant told me that u pay first sem fee and take a loan of 7.5 lac and u dont need any bank statement or any thing after that… My course fee for one year is CDN $11730
    Also do u think i shd pay full year fee i.e 2 semester or 1 should be fine.
    Bro any other tips regarding SOP Or any thing u feel is imp will be highly appreciated.
    Thanx for being there u r doing a great cause god bless!!!!!!

  30. laly says:

    respected sir,
    i did my10 and 12 in 2003 and 2005. After that i did my in mech. in 2005 and did a job for 1 year . I have 6.5 bands overall in ielts which i did in sep. 2010. I have 16 months of gap in my studies till now. Is there any chance my study gap would effect my visa case ? Moreover my course is electromechanical , and i worked as a graduate engineer trainee in quality deptt. whereas my course is not linked wid quality but is linked wid my field . So can this affect my chances of visa?
    Thanks in advance….

  31. kstar says:

    I have a genuine concern. I have 6 years work experience and have applied for PG degree 1 year. For the student visa there is a section whcih asks if you have been rejected canadian visa before. I had applied for PR in 2008 which was rejected due to lack of experience in management. Now while filling the student visa will this previous rejection harm my chances of getting the student visa.

    Please let me know thanks

  32. Sahil says:

    Hi admin, I am Sahil from punjab. I am thinking to apply under Spp in jan intake. My file is completely finished according to my knowledge.
    1) Ielts band-6
    2) Loan of 10 lakh against FD
    3) Receipt of first semester fees via wire transfer given by my bank
    4) valuation of property of my father
    5) I re-fill ITR of my father i.e 2.50 lakh
    6) Medical certificate

    Need your Suggestion :
    1) Presently, I have only 1 lakh in our bank account so I will put 2 lakh more with in 2-4 days in our bank account. Is it enough and gud?

    2) I have one year Gap in my study between years 2006 to 2007 after that I join 3 years diploma in Engineering. Now I am 2010 pass out. What I do for this gap difference.

    Kindly tell me M i ready to submit my file now. coz I think my documents are near to ready. Need your honest feedback. Waiting for your reply.
    Any suggestion are most welcomed.

    Thanks & Best regards

  33. navneet kaur says:

    i have done my b.ed in 2007 con i apply for student visa to canada i want to do m.ed there can my husband also go with me what conditions are there for him to go with me

  34. navneet kaur says:

    suggest me some other course also as i have done in math in2006

  35. bhupinder singh says:

    sir is this possible now to get visa from embassy….i have applied for loan to be sanctioned ….on20 nov2010.i have got offer letter from mohawk college…….please help me sir .should i pay the first semester fees or proceed either try to apply for may 2011…..please reply me sir m waiting

  36. kamal says:

    dear admin

  37. kamal says:

    dear admin
    my brother was done +2 in 2004 and after that he has done diploma in hotel mgt front office after that he has experience of 5 years and still working in hotel line and further he is applied in advanced diploma in hotel adminstation-hotel and resort. can u kindly look at the case and kindly tell the chances of visa.waiting for ur rply

  38. Asif says:

    Hi admin,
    I have completed my graduation in 2002. And have been working for the last 8 years.
    Now I am applying for the study visa under SPP.
    I have got the offer letter from Lambton for MBA course.
    Scored 7 overall IELTS
    I concerns are:
    1. I am married, but will we traveling alone for now. I intend to call my wife after the first sem as a dependent. How can I go about doing that and Do I have state my intension. When I am applying for my visa too.
    2. My wife will be my co applicant, How do I show my ties to my country.
    3. what is the process for dependant visa application. Does it has to be done from India or can it be done from Canada too.
    4. My funds in my A/C will be around 4 lacs and another 3 in my wife a/c.
    5. Will take a education loan for another 6 lacs
    6. What are the changes of rejections.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated

    • admin says:


      Well getting th visa for your wife also in one go will be difficult. You can get your visa first and then apply for yuor wife’s visa.


  39. Harpreet singh says:

    Hello, this is harpreet, i passed my 10+2 in 2003, after that i took admission in, but i was not able to clear it in alloted 6 years, now i have 7.0 bands in ielts, can i get student visa for canada now, pls reply soon

  40. laly says:

    respected sir,
    i did my10 and 12 in 2003 and 2005. After that i did my in mech. in 2005 and did a job for 1 year . I have 6.5 bands overall in ielts which i did in sep. 2010. I have 16 months of gap in my studies till now. Is there any chance my study gap would effect my visa case ? Moreover my course is electromechanical , and i worked as a graduate engineer trainee in quality deptt. whereas my course is not linked wid quality but is linked wid my field . So can this affect my chances of visa?
    Thanks in advance….

  41. MKshah says:

    Hi admin,
    I have similar case like you, I completed my post grad in M.Sc. (Applied Chemistry) and then worked with pharma companies as marketing executive for five years upto dec-2005. In 2006, I joined life insurance field as sales manager and till then I am in life insurance field. it is almost 10 years now since my last education I completed. My age is 32 years now.
    Can I apply under SPP programme. I can fund my education fees on my own. No need to take loan for it. I am married and want to take my wife with me. If I get the visa, can I call her after 6 months or so… is it allowed?

    Kindly help.
    Thanks in advance.

  42. Harpreet singh says:

    Hello there, i passed my 12th in 2003. After that due to health problems i had to drop my study . Now i have done ielts with overall 7 bands. So tell me please that can i now get an study visa for canada.

  43. laly says:

    @ admin
    sir , i m waiting for ur reply…..

  44. kamal says:

    dear adim

  45. kulpreet says:

    sir i have done +2 non medical with 68%marks this year and above 50%in math…..
    my ielts score is 6 over all…..l-7,s-6,r-6,w-5…
    i have shown 9 lac loan against fd of 10 lac….from state bank of patiala…..
    i have sahown 7.5 lakh liquid money…..
    i have submitted my file on 15th nov from jalandhar..
    it recieved by consulate general chd. on 16 th nov…
    now still it is under process…..
    can u tell me when will i get my visa…………
    and is there any chance of rejection…..

  46. kamal says:

    dear adim
    as my mention my brother case ,there is problem occured ,the file was submitted on 12 nov and on 25 nov embassy call in the hotel and a new employee receive the call and said that my brother is not working there and they disconnect the phone and on 26 nov hotel tell me all the situation wht happen yesterday and we fax the embassy about the situation and it was done due to the new employee mistake after that on 29 nov i got call from the vfs office that there is a letter for u and next day i go to the vfs and in the leter they mention that
    1:- we think u have submitted the fraud employement documents and they want written explanation regarding the matter
    2:- they said that we are not finalize ur apllication yet
    we send them the hand written application what happens on that day briefly and a apploge letter from the hotel

    can u kindly tell me is there any hope that embassy will grant me the visa
    kindly rply me asap

  47. kamal says:

    we have 10 lakh loan
    2 lakh savings
    6.5 bands

  48. prabh says:

    admin u r from chandigarh?

  49. gagan says:

    hey admin….i want to apply for student visa under spp.can i apply for undergraduate degree under this programme…and another issue is that i am married…but my divorce case is going on…it will be mutually…but will take some time…but i dont want to waste my time now..can i get visa….?can my case make problems in getting my visa?do reply…

  50. Castelino says:

    Hi Admin,

    I had applied on 16th Nov and got a visa interview regarding letter i which they have mentioned that i need to be present with all my documents and funds details.
    I have taken loan with my mother in law as garauntor.
    Will this effect my visa application? What is the sucess rate of visa interviews?
    I would appreciate if you reply as soon as possible.

  51. pardeep ireland says:

    Hi admin,
    my name is pardeep kumar. I applied for canada visa in 2008 december but on that time they refuse my visa because of insufficient funds and not proper study combination with that course. Now I am in Ireland from last two years jan 2009 as on a student visa and i am also having a certificate in computer thats just a diploma of two years of fetac level 5.
    My Studies are:
    Graduation 2005 – india
    B.ed 2007 – india
    PGDCA 2008 – india
    Certicate in E-business October 2010 – ireland
    My age is 25
    I want to know can i apply for canada visa as under spp program in computers because my desire of life is study once in canada or they will again refuse my visa.
    If i can apply then can i apply in post graduation master course for one year.
    Pardeep Kumar

  52. micks says:

    hello admin,i have applied for spp visa for jan intake. what i have 1.5 years many chances i have to get visa.

  53. pardeep ireland says:


  54. gaganparwaz says:

    hello,hieeeee this is gagan from mumbai,i am cuurently in TY(bmm)-bacheclor of mass media(Advertising) and have applied for student visa for canada way back in 2006 and gor a rejection in relates to innsuffucient funds and not so strong ties with the country .kindly reply.

  55. Harpreet singh says:

    Hello admin, my name is harpreet singh, i got 6.5 bands. I did my 10+2 with non medical in 2003. After that i did nothing till now. So tell me do i stand any chance of getting canadian study visa.

    • admin says:


      You will have to provide the info to CHC that you have you have done since 2003. Well personally i think it will be difficult to get a visa after this much of gap and when you have nothing to show what you have been doing since your +2


  56. Harpreet singh says:

    What if i show that i have my own buisness of cable tv network.

    • admin says:


      It might work as long as you are opting for a similar program that matches your job experience.


  57. Palani kumar says:

    I have finished my diploma in Printing Tech 1997. now i am working as a supervisor. I want to study 1 yr PG in Digital Designs, As a long gap of 13 years, Shall i eligible to apply under spp and my brother (Long Relation) is in Toronto, he wish to sponsor my living expenses, I will arrange to pay the course fee through bank loan. Please let me know it is possible under SPP.
    Thanks in Advance

    • admin says:


      Well 13 years gap is too much for applying for SPP. So i am not very sure if you will be eligible or not.


  58. Dipin says:


    I got the refusal even after submitting all the required documents on spp list.

    Reason : You have not satisfied me that you will leave canada by the end of period authorized for your stay because your proposed studies are not resonable in light of one or more of : your qualification, previous studies ,employment,level of establishment, other educational oppourtunities available in india or canada, language abilities or your future prospect or plans

    i completed my high school in 2006 with accountany , business studies , economics , english core and physical education.

    After that i did a hairstyling diploma for 6 months in LO’real academy worked as a hairstylist for 1 year to get the know how of my family business, now i’m currently working as a HR Manager since last 3 years since i’m the succesor.

    I wanted to study in canada and comeback to india with better skills and international exposure now that my plans have been runied by some visa officer
    what do ya suggest now ? should I Re-apply ?

    The documents that i submitted were:

    1. Notary attested 12th commerce marksheet
    2. Ielts score : overall 7 bands
    3. Fee receipt for 1st semester at centennial college for business administration
    4. Loan of 8 lacs against FD from Punjab national bank
    5. Application form
    6. personal information form
    7. Notary attested diploma

    But, i didnt submit an SOP , Property valuation copy or any bank statements of my parents since they were not mentioned on spp checklist. Do you think it might be the cause for my refusal

    Please Help! and also if i reapply with the above documents is there any chance of getting the visa or will it be rejected again

    • admin says:


      Absense of SOP and financial statements of your family might have caused the denial. When applying next time please provide all these details and yes the previous visa application results can effect the next decisions.


  59. phani says:

    Hi Admin,

    I have completed my 12 th in 2000, and started my engineering and due to personal reasons and started working and i have worked with three companies as technical support for desktops and laptops and also involved in networking troubleshooting, i would like to do a 2 years diploma in networks.Im planing for may 2011 and also planning to take up a loan for the fees. Please suggest me and what are the chances for my visa and also i need info on job opportunities im my networking field.I took ilets 2 and half years back as it is expired now, im taking it up again.

    Thanks in advance,

    • admin says:


      Yes you will need to sit again for IELTS. You chances are good as long as you meet all the requirements set up by canadian embassy. If you have worked after you college drop out you can attach the job experience letters with your application.


  60. kumar says:

    First of all; its a great blog u have going here. I just have a query regarding the choice of course for studying in Canada. I really want to study culinary arts, but my educational background is Bachelors of arts and PG diploma in business administration from UK.I am 29 years old and a bit confused as what to do. Is it possible to apply for this course or should i opt for a business course and then change it when i get to Canada.
    I would really appreciate your suggestion.
    Thank you and Take Care.

    • admin says:


      Well i would recommend that you should not apply for culinary course as your previous education is not in that field and it increases the chances of visa refusal. What you can do is you can apply for some management course get the visa and then when you reach canada you can change your course. But in order to do all this you will have to reach canada about 10 days before the start of the course so that you have enough time to change your course.


  61. waseem says:

    hay thanks to admin and his help iam in canada now . in toronto …….doing my IT course

  62. Jagtinder says:

    I am 37 years of age and want to apply for student visa for Canada. Please advise me if I should apply or not, how much is the refusal chances.

    I have done 1-1/2 years of hotel management diploma from cyprus in 2003-2004

    Would it be wise, if I apply for the student visa.

    Which country other than Canada I can apply (If not Canada)

    Please enlighten me
    with thanks

    • admin says:


      Well to be very truthful the chances of getting a study visa at 37 is really difficult. Dont want to dishearten you. But if you feel you can apply for visa coz you never know you might get it.


  63. nisha says:


    What is new rule for gap in studies in 2011.I have completed my studies in 2005. Am I eligible to apply under SPP.

    • admin says:


      There is nothing new about SPP. As long as you can provide the details what you did in the gap years it wont make any difference.


  64. richa says:

    Good evening sir,
    I need to ask like my friend has a 6 years of gap,he finished his schooling in 2005 and now he wants to study in university . is he eligible to take admission?
    will he get canadian student visa or he wont be able to?

    please do tell me sir ‘

    thank you

    • admin says:


      Yes your friend can apply for student visa in canada under SPP but he/she will have to show some sort of work experince in the gap years.


  65. Harpreet singh says:

    Hello there, i did my 10+2 in 2003. After that i started doing, but due to some reasons was not able to clear it. Now that i hve got 6.5 bands in ielts, so pls tell me, do i stand a chance of getting canadian student visa,

  66. Amar says:

    dear admin
    i have applied for student visa in 2011 jan i got rejected for that bcoz the course i chosed was wrong.i want to apply again for student last qualification is diploma in culinary arts from cyprus and i came back in 2008 nov.from that time i have been working in hotel i left my job in sept 2010.if i choose culinary management will it be difficult for getting visa and this course only have diplomas in canada.please reply for my question

    • admin says:


      Well if you repeat the studies that you have already done the chances of refusal is high so pick a course that you have not studied earlier but is realted to your field


  67. rajwinder singh says:

    hello admin you r doing fantastic job for the welfare of the people. i have done B.A in 2008 and after that i have done PGDCA in 2009.My ielts score is 6 bands. i have no work experience i gap i eligible for sep 2011 intake .
    thanks sir.

    • admin says:


      Yes you are eligible. For gap years you can show that you have been working somewhere.


  68. amar says:

    dear admin
    real thanks for your reply out of your time.i like to confirm something like if i get rejected in jan 2011 session under spp.i want to apply for sept session with different course so i am good to go under spp or i should be treated under general.please clear this and if you can you send me list or spp 2011 and list of general too thts same sept 2011.i will be thankful to you.

  69. Pardeep says:

    Hi Admin

    I have done B.Tech in Electronics and Communication engg in the year 2003. Thereafter i had been working with a national telecom company in the broadband division as technical manager(7+ year experience). My IELTS score is 8.5,7.5,7.5,7.5 and 6.5. (Presently married and aged 29 years)

    Pls advice on shall i go for 8 month,1 year or 2 year program? I heard opting for two year course might make my case weak. Also, pls let me know,do i need to submit statement of purpose too.

    Thanks !!

    • admin says:


      Your case is all good. Go for 2 year course as it has better chaces fo getting PR. Also try to get admission outside Ontario as getting a PR in ontario is most difficult